I knew you’d like this section. Who doesn’t enjoy a great nights’ sleep? The body uses sleep time to repair itself from the previous day. If we give the body enough time to work, it can accomplish some amazing things.

What’s the science behind sleep?

Our brains have millions of synapses that are sending signals to do this and do that all day long. After a long hard thought out day, those synapses get worn down. In particular it’s the Myleene Sheath that gets worn down. That’s the protective coating that protects the synapses and allows them to fire properly. When we sleep, our bodies rebuild that sheath in preparation for the next day.

Conversely when we don’t get enough sleep, the body doesn’t have enough time to repair itself and we find ourselves feeling “frazzled.” Isn’t that an interesting choice of word to describe what’s going on in our brains? Frazzled, slow, unhappy… all feelings we’ve experienced when staying up too late.

So get some sleep (7-9 hours) each night. Move your cell phones and distractions into other rooms and keep the bedroom quiet and clear of digital devices that can capture your attention when you should be sleeping. Keep in mind, you can also sleep too much and that does the opposite effect. 7-9 hours are the sweet spots!