Doctors have said “Exercise is its own anti-depressant” and they’re right! Exercise alone releases endorphins into your body which cause you to feel happy. So how much exercise does it require for someone to feel this way? It really depends upon your lifestyle. We’ve seen people who are severely depressed and a trip to the mailbox is all they could physically handle in 1 day. Once they did that each day for 5 days, we bumped up their routine and added a trip around the house. Then it grew to a walk down the street, around the block, picking up the pace, to a jog, a run, a bike ride… life became fun again! The key is to do more than you’re currently doing today. Then stick with it!

So what’s the game plan?

Strive to participate in blood pumping activities 3-4 times per week to feel the best results. Increase the challenge as often as possible.

Remember that life happens and throws us off our game. But if we stick with it or get back on track, we’ll see real progress and our body will thank us for it. The dividends are paid in feeling and looking great!