This article isn’t about what you should and shouldn’t eat, but focuses more on the importance of eating… eating often, in measurable quantities and the importance of doing so. Science has shown us that the brain uses the majority of the food we eat (a whopping 25%) and the brain is the most important part of our body. If it stops functioning, we stop functioning. Similarly, if it’s struggling to find the nutrients it needs, it MUST pull them from somewhere else in the body. When it does that, we begin to struggle.

What does science tell us?

The body is an amazing efficient machine. It has warning lights that pop up when there’s a problem and even repairs itself when those warning lights are neglected. But it can’t continue down this path for extended periods of time. Let me give you a quick example of what I mean…

Let’s say you have dinner at 6 pm one night and don’t eat again until the following day. Except you stayed up too late that night and hit the snooze too many times the next morning. Now you’re late for work/school and you take off out the door without eating breakfast. Your next opportunity to get food into your system is 12 noon later that day. If you just look at the math of it, your body (particularly your brain) has now gone 18 hours without any additional fuel being added to it. Guess what happens when you find yourself in these situations? The brain starts pulling resources from other aspects of your body. It needs to keep functioning to keep you alive, but it needs to decide which areas of your body are less important for survival.

In many people’s lives, it seems like the pleasure areas of the brain are affected the fastest when the brain starts pulling resources. It makes sense too. If starving our brain made us happy, we’d do it all of the time, at least until our brains quit working. At that point, nothing else matters.

So what can we learn from this research? We need to keep our brain fed and happy. If the brain is happy, it will allow our bodies to be happy. It will release the feel good juices like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and others that give us a boost that make it possible to have a fantastic day.

Does it matter what you eat? Absolutely. You’re going to get OUT what you put IN your body. The end result is really up to you. Your body could perform like a high end Formula 1 racing machine, or could be sputtering around on fumes like an old car on its last leg. Think Formula 1 when you’re eating your next meal and fill up often :-)